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The Stitches Technology Workforce Advisory Services Initiative has grown organically from the needs of over 200 skilled workers who have been laid off. These workers have been employed an average of 10 years, many of whom are monolingual, speaking one of several foreign languages. Finding new, permanent employment with comparable pay and benefits for them is not an easy task.

At the same time the industry has mid-size companies that are growing and are in dire need of skilled workers as well as other sewn products industries like high end drapery and awning companies. Other companies need to cross train or to upgrade the skills of their current labor force in order to stabilize profit margins in anticipation of the new $15 per hour minimum wage.


Stitches Technology Workforce Advisory Services connects displaced, experienced apparel workers (sewers, cutters, sample makers) with firms seeking talent to fill open positions. The program assesses the needs of employers and workers, then upgrades the skills of talented workers (laid off due to plant closures and downsizing), to fit the specific needs of the hiring firms. These workers (sewers, cutters, sample makers) have been employed an average of 10 years, and with targeted customized training are able to join the companies as highly productive employees as utility sewing machine operators.

With the support of JP Morgan Chase and a partnership with Goodwill Industries, we launched the Stitches Workforce Advisory Services Division in August 2016, a division of Stitches Technology Business and Career Centers, a non-profit organization that accepts charitable contributions to help further the work of building a skilled workforce for the fashion and sewn products industry.

Stitches Workforce Advisory Services, along with Goodwill of California, has invested over $100,000 in recruitment, training services and reimbursements since August 2016.  We welcome the opportunity to help you build a skilled labor force to grow your company.

Please review the attached documents as well as the link to an article in the California Apparel News.  I look forward to visiting your facility to discuss further how we can help you build a skilled work force.


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