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Stitches Technology Business & Career Center, Inc. as the lead agency has spearheaded the Cloz Klozet Retail Training Center for youth and adults interested in perfecting their skills in customer service, merchandising, sales and retail trade. An exciting initiative in partnership with the City of Compton.

The program utilizes the laboratory of an upscale resale boutique and the expertise of retail partners who function as advisors on program curricula, instructors, and potential employers. The Cloz Klozet is a high-end resale store where clients from the work-source center can select gently-used business attire for job interviews and work clothing.


The Cloz Clozet is also a training site for students in the area of sales, customer service & visual merchandising. It is an innovative project that brings together the public and private sectors to assist individuals aspiring to careers in the Retail Merchandising industry.

The project adapts the teaching factory concept to the growing demand for individuals skilled in the area of customer service. Like a teaching factory, the Cloz Klozet is a working laboratory-- a profit center that includes an upscale clothing boutique, classroom instruction and on-the- job training. It is a comprehensive approach to preparing the next generation of workers for the retail industry. It includes a heavy emphasis on identifying customer needs and the effective methods of meeting those needs in an efficient and timely manner. The mission of the program is to equip the trainees with superior customer service skills necessary to create raving fans and increase the sales.

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