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Board of Directors

Clotee McAfee

Sharon Glosson

Alice Williams 

Todd Jorge

Angela Reddock
Karen Slade

Warren Hartenstine

Antonio Manning

Kevin Sullivan

Deljah "Chef Simone" Dickson

Denise Davidson




Southern California Edison

Reddock  Law Firm

KJLH Radio

Technology Consultant

JP Morgan Chase (Former)

Wells Fargo

Art Delectables Organic Dessert Co (Nutrition)

Counseling  & Yoga Services

Corporate Board of Advisors

This board includes broad and deep representation by distinguished members of the  Sewn  Products Industry, Corporations and the business community in Southern California.

Arlene Williams

Eyvette Jones

Ilse Metchek

Jesse Jones

Sandra Cooper

Kevin McDowell

Pat Bockenstette

Richard Gold

Vice President


Executive Director

Principal (former)


Executive Vice President (former)

Regional Sales Manager (former)

Regional Director

Honeys Kettle Fried Chicken

Urban Possibilities

California Fashion Association

Centennial High School

Macys West

Anshutz Entertainment Group

CORT Furniture

Juki International

The Stitches Technology programs represent one element of a major public-private partnership in the greater Los Angeles area. The combined expertise of several organizations and institutions will support this effort. We have forged effective partnerships with the major stakeholders in the region in order to provide benefits to residents in areas where jobs are scarce. This project will blend the needs of industry with the needs of the community and provide an outstanding nexus into the next generation of industry development.

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