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Summer Trends 2019

FLARE IS IN THE AIR by Jacqueline Alvarez 05/06/19

Bell bottoms have been sighted since early last year, but just now are back in full swing.

Are they here to replace our skinny jeans or leggings? I highly doubt it; I know those have become staples in many of our wardrobes. These are not your flared yoga pants and forget that myth that petite girls should avoid wide pants. Curvy Women need not worry about the naysayers; they make them in all sizes now. Flared bottoms are reminiscent of yester-years styles, starting with 20's wide leg, 40's straight leg, 70's bell bottoms, 90's boot cut; early 2000's relaxed the trend that keeps coming back.

📷 📷


📷 📷 📷 In business attire, more of a demure take on the trend to keep it classy and appropriate.


📷 📷 📷 Looking to revamp your style? Wide leg is the perfect way to go.

📷 📷 📷 📷 From straight-leg, boyfriend jean and boot cut.

📷 📷 Gradual, wide and dramatic bell, here we have “elephant leg” styles.


📷 📷 📷 Playful bells for all the belles.

No better way to fight the heat than with breezy and flouncy palazzo pants, always comfortable and versatile.

📷 📷 📷

Culottes and gauchos were the hot trend in the 70's.

📷 📷 📷

📷 📷

📷 📷 In the 20's, beach pajamas were what they opted for comfort, yet still remain stylish.

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