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Cross Colours Then & Now

Cross x Colours Clothing forever changed the game of fashion when it the first line was unveiled in 1989. Their clothes were color palette was red , green, black, yellow and white, with bold oversized silhouettes ranging from denim to baseball jerseys, hoodies, coveralls, hockey jerseys denim jackets. I had a DJ Quik tour teen x Cross x Colours tour that I got from which was lost. Cross Colours moniker was "clothing without prejudice" which became iconic in its own right. The moniker was an explanation in one phrase that not only were Cross x Colours silhouettes, and styles designs black people could identify with and most importantly fit, a well as a brand owned by black people they also were a brand about inclusion of everyone and did not exclude others from feeling welcomed to wear the brand as well. There are more and more black owned high end fashion brands coming out today (VLone, Hood by Air, Pyer Moss, off white)but I still feel that we as black people support brands owned and operated by people who do not look like us and do not respect our culture and identity. This is why I am happy that Cross x Colours is releasing new pieces, lines, and collections that appeal to the youth and creators of this generation. This month the California African American Museum will be opening an exhibition on the Cross x Colours so I’m looking forward to checking it out.

2Pac x Da Brat 1990's

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