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Once Upon a Smile

Jacqueline Alvarez 04/05/19

A Partnership is born with A Place Called Home, The Stitches Technology Business & career centers. They had the pleasure of playing fairy godmothers and fathers at the Cinderella & Prince Charming project Friday 04/05/19.

Hosted by A Place Called Home in South Central Los Angeles for the 17th consecutive year, community volunteers as well as Sponsors gathered together to make young adults feel special.

This event helped over 1,000 High School students celebrate an important milestone in their young lives, by giving them the opportunity to choose an outfit for Prom or graduation, free of cost. Items included formal dresses, jewelry, makeup, evening bags and even nail polish for the young ladies. Suits, Dress socks, ties, dress shirts, belts for the guys. Shoes were also provided.📷📷📷📷📷

Minor alterations made by students of Stitches Technology Academy and parent volunteers, whom worked diligently to do alterations on Prom dresses so that students and their parents would not have to incur the cost.📷📷

Designing For Success Academy CEO and instructor, Ms. Clotee McAfee relocated students from their class along with their industrial sewing machines to support the Cinderella project.


Sponsors included Disney, AEG, Friartux, LA Galaxy, Bank of America, LA Lakers and Herbal Life Nutrition.📷📷

Radio station Real 92.3 L.A.’s new home for hip hop, set the ambiance while young adults waited.📷

The event was a success, the soon-to-be High School graduates were all set with their outfits.

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