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In this world we live in nothing is ever promised. The city of Los Angeles and the hip hop industry was significantly altered and forever changed yesterday on 3/31/2019.

Los Angeles native and rap artist turned business entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was gunned down at his retail store in the Crenshaw district. Nipsey as done a lot in the Los Angeles community and was loved in his city so this really hit home. Hussle emerged into the the underground rap scene over 10 years ago recording mixtapes such as The Marathon and Crenshaw. I remember being 15 years old in Sacramento listening to his earlier projects and considered him as my one of my favorite LA artists. Nipsey who is in a relationship and shares as 5 year old son with actress Lauren London were like hood version of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. I always loved them as a couple as saw them as black royalty. Nipsey and London recently graced the pages of GQ magazine in February. He had also been working on a documentary which shed led on the trial and death of holistic Doctor Sebi. 

Nipsey wearing Louis Vuitton white fitted pants and Dunhill sneakers. London wearing a white Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress. 

The power couple spoke to hip hop and the urban community on a wider scale in my opinion. Nipsey was heavily involved in the LA community doing things that most rappers don’t. From owning his own music royalties to investing in real estate in gentrified areas in his hometown. Nipsey was indeed loved and respected in Los Angeles. His legacy will forever live on through his music and may we continue keep his family in our prayers. 

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