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Designing for success Academy Curriculum 24 weeks

The curriculum is business-driven and designed specifically for the garment/apparel industry.  As an Associate you will:

  • Gain basic understanding of the apparel industry, its structure, tools and terminology.

  • Learn foundational skills in operating sewing machines and related equipment.

  • Build marketable entry-level skills.

  • Enhance personal self-esteem and team-oriented attitudes.

  • Create a professional development plan with a variety of garment/apparel career options.

  • Design a portfolio of employability tools, resources and information to satisfy personal needs and achieve professional goals.


Once you graduate successfully from the Academy, you will have several options:

  1. interview for full-time employment with manufacturers to explore employment opportunities

  2. pursue a degreed or certification program in fashion design or entrepreneurship at a partnering college and or university.


Core Competency Model

There are 5 core competencies that will drive the curriculum design.

  1. Personal Empowerment.  To learn life planning strategies and goal-setting to create personal self-efficiency habits for successful entry and retention in the working world.

  2. Healthy Life Styles and Living.  To learn how to plan, prepare and sustain healthy choices in the areas of food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex and parenting.

  3. Workplace Effectiveness.  To learn how to use key behaviors and skills to be effective  employee and team member in a workplace environment.

  4. Power Control (Technical Sewing Skills).  To learn how to operate current industrial sewing machine equipment and techniques to complete garments in a variety of fabrics and cross training on multiple sewing functions.

  5. Career Essentials.  To equip participants with the necessary career preparation tools for presenting their personal brand and skill set to potential employers.


Program Methodology

The curriculum design for each lesson is based on adult learning best practices.  You will be highly involved and accountable for your learning.  Lessons will consist of one or more of the following:


  • Lectures

  • Case studies

  • Simulations

  • Group discussion and exercises

  • Learning Labs for application of principles taught in the classroom

  • Video feedback Field trips

  • Learning Journals

The use of technology and social media will be woven throughout the courses.


At the beginning of the program you will be place into a “peer” group or team.  Along with individual assignments, each group will work together to complete and present their team projects for evaluation.  Being able to collaborate with one another, overcome challenges and respectfully resolve conflict will be the hallmark of the team’s success.

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